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Welcome to Tough Justice

Welcome to Tough Justice with Former Police Captain and veteran street cop from New Jersey, tackles current topics and issues with her own form of social justice.  Tune in every Thursday for a dose of reality radio where bad behavior is exposed, and tough justice is served.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to Tough Justice

  1. Great guest today. Lisa Reed’s story kept me listening and Goggling all at the same time. The benefit to WebRadio is that I could really enjoy looking up related information. GREAT STORY !!!!

  2. Hi Donna

    Great show tonight with Detective Cavanaugh! We have family members who suffer from mental illness. Thankfully, they are not prone to criminal activity, but they’re behavior is always unpredictable and a major concern. Det. Cavanaugh has a terrific insight to the psychology of these people, as well as crisis prevention.

  3. Great Interview with Captain Inez… You should have her back! What pride to hear such a successful story. A woman, and a Latina.

    listened from South Jersey.

  4. Thanks so much for having us on your show Donna. The topic of helping to diversify law enforcement, combined with the need for law enforcement to continue to pursue higher education was a very important one. You are a great host! Hope your listeners gained some good info from it.

  5. An open forum for President, Mr. Torres, n his running mate, Mr. Ricardo Maldonado, is put into place this month, April 9th, but was declined by the Executive Board members, n Mr. Torres..My question is why, this is the perfect time to answer all questions, concerns, issues, etc. that members, old, n new, can ask, get answers, n etc.????I would like them to reconsider, n appear in person, to resolve this prior to the voting process this mid April 2015…

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